Lovely slate signs for the kitchen

I ordered slate signs for my new kitchen

Ordered nice slate signs for my kitchen

I have just finished redecorating and re accessorising my kitchen and ordered some lovely slate signs for a finishing touch. The kitchen has taken the best part of a month to organise as its been really busy at work and getting home to face a night with paper and a paint pot has been tough. I have fancied getting some so that I can scribble down a new recipe as I experiment in the kitchen and the two I ordered will look really good in the vintage looking kitchen I have created.
With so many things to do before the finishing touches were a distant dream a month ago and I am so happy it’s now all done and I can finally enjoy the fruits of my labour.

I spend ages in the kitchen so wanted the slate signs to be on good quality

As I spent so much time in my kitchen I didn’t want to scrimp on the accessories. I hate cheap looking products and so when I looked at the custom pieces I wanted to use I knew that quality was always going to be high on my list of priorities. I also wanted the signs engraved so that they were one off’s and personal to me and so I contacted a company online that did this kind of bespoke work and set about designing my creations.
Creating the design was really simply as I used a website that showed the design as you went along and although the products were meant to be used as house signs I only wanted a plain piece of slate with a favourite quote and so this was easily achieved without any help. The website I used allowed you to pick the size you wanted and also had a variety of different fonts to choose from. I went for a classic old worldly font to match the vintage look I was going for and next up you had a range of colours to choose from for the letters. I went for gold leaf as my handles were a gold effect and I thought it would match in nicely. I wanted them to attach to the wall and so I went for invisible fixings so you couldn’t see how they were attached but were secure to the wall for when I wrote on them.

Slate signs arrived soon after

I was over the moon in that I didn’t have long to wait for my signs to arrive. I collared a friends husband to give me a hand to fit them, well say give me a hand but in fairness I just called out up a bit no down a bit. He had them up in no time and they look as good as I had hoped. Now I can finally sit back and enjoy the place and all in plenty of time for Christmas. I can highly recommend the people that created my slate signs and you can get yours at

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