I don’t normally but I got no deposit free bets

my no deposit free bets went on Wales and Ireland
I don’t usually gamble at all but when we went out to watch the rugby as a group someone suggested we all go online and get a no deposit free bets offer to spice things up a little. We were about twenty strong so I bowed to peer pressure a little but it was really good fun in the end. Everyone had there favourite players and the team they wanted to win we had people from most of the home nations and its was a rugby festival that day.
For any of my followers that are not into sport as I am not the Six Nations is a tournament of rugby where unsurprisingly the six nations compete for the cup. You can win the overall tournament by beating everyone to claim the Grand Slam title or the home nations can beat everyone to win the triple crown. I don’t really like the rugby but I can deal with it and the days out are always crackers.

It was a no deposit free bets day to remember

This years big day out was one of the best yet, we had an absolute blast of a day. As well as the online bets we always have an instant win pot for first try scorer and its a names out of a hat job so you never know who you are getting or how likely you are to win the £20 or so kitty. Whoever wins generally spends it on a round of shots anyway so its only a bit of fun for us.
For my real bet I had Ireland and Wales to win I always bet on them as Mum is Irish and my boyfriend is Welsh and so its my homage to that. Both came up trumps for me this year and I managed to win enough for a really good night out for us both although the next day it was not so pretty.

Your no deposit free bets

If you want to claim a free bet offer its really easy just log on to Google and type in free bets and you will have plenty to choose from. When you have found one you like the look of just fill in your details and sign up to the account and the no deposit free bets will be added directly into you new account and be ready to use straight away. http://www.freebetsinternational.com

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