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so! Here’s a recent update, as of 5/10/2012…
This page is under construction! But know this, I am currently working on a new version of the Portland Vegan 100 listing. If you have suggestions of any kind, feel free to email, tweet (the most reliable) or leave a comment below.
Know this:
• Dine at Portobello – and for the love of everything good, SOMEONE AT YOUR TABLE SHOULD GET THE GNOCCHI AND A DESSERT
• Hit up a couple carts: specifically, Homegrown Smoker, Native Bowl, and Los Gorditos, to name a few. There are countless blocks and options in every part of the city. If you’re looking for something specific, take a wander, or feel free to email me.
• Sleep in and go out for weekend brunch: Juniors, Jam, Vita Cafe, Portobello, Dovetail Bakery, Hungry Tiger Too, etc.
• grab a VooDoo doughnut!
• Some stellar coffee
• Consider some Ethiopian food: my favorites are Emame’s cart downtown, Sengatera (just don’t mind the traditional, possibly real animal hides on the walls), Bete Lukas and Horn of Africa
• Schedule in a mandatory visit to the Sweet Hereafter (go for the Buffalo Soy Curls!) or The Bye & Bye (I’d go with the BBQ platter or Weeping Tiger) where you can hold a mason jar full of their signature drink or non-boozy Floor Punch in your hand as you contemplate their selections of vegan comfort food.
• GO TO ALL THE VEGAN BAKERIES. Back to Eden (I’m gushing over here), Dovetail (drooling over their cinnamon rolls and scones) & Sweetpea (classics!). Oh, and Petunia’s (gluten-free, but contains nut flours, so I haven’t tried in over a year, sigh). And probably one or two newer ones I don’t even know about that are pouring their dreams into sweets as I type.
Here are some older, published lists:
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Check out Stumptown Vegans’ archives and newer, casual tumblr, while you’re at it.
Consider the following MINIMUM requirements on your vegan-Portland-to-do list:
I could go on, and on, and on, so I shall….once I haul over the rest of my notes!
As I write this, Portland has three, entirely vegan, bakery storefronts. Two are on the same damn street. It’s difficult to go wrong at any, and each location is quite convenient to other worthwhile (and vegan) wanderings.
• Back to Eden Bakery Boutique – Located on super vegan-friendly NE Alberta St., this small bakery and boutique offers hand crafted, from-the-heart treats made with creative, seasonal ingredients, such as gluten free cheesecakes, layer cakes and tarts – not to mention delicate and flaky vegan croissants.
• Sweetpea Baking Co. – Portland’s first and largest vegan bakery. It’s located at the corner of the vegan mini mall and offers an assortment of baked goods, including cakes by the slice and freshly yeasted donuts on Saturdays, made-to-order sandwiches, Stumptown Coffee, Townshend’s Teas, and a Sunday brunch buffet social scene definitely worth checking out.
• Dovetail Bakery – the newest addition to the who-has-the-best-so-and-so game, and I’m going to call best-cinnamon roll-in-town here, because it’s true. Also on NE Alberta, next to Held Vegan Belts and Vita Cafe.
Hey, Portland first caught my eye in 2004 based on a Peta Veg-Friendly U.S. city list and this gradually steamrolled into my Portland vegan blogging habit. I moved to Portland as an obsessed vegan tourist, and the journey hasn’t ceased.
The above recommendations are for those new or visiting the Portland metro area. If you’d like specific recommendations, please feel free to email or contact me on the contact page.

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